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Illinois police say hit-and-run driver was intoxicated

A 31-year-old Illinois woman is facing a raft of charges after allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident in Riverside on Sept. 2 while under the influence of alcohol. The Brookfield resident has been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a traffic accident and failing to render aid or information following an accident. The incident took place in the parking lot of the Riverside Police Department facility on Riverside Road at approximately 6:53 p.m.

Police responded when a motorist who had been involved in an accident called to report a hit-and-run driver. The woman behind the wheel of the fleeing car had allegedly refused to stop after striking the caller's vehicle while backing out of a parking spot at the police station. The caller told officers that the woman's car was heading toward Ogden Avenue, and it was soon spotted by police and pulled over near the intersection of Plainfield Road and First Avenue in Lyons.

Man charged with marijuana, cocaine possession

On Aug. 21, a 23-year-old Illinois man was taken into custody after authorities found marijuana and a loaded handgun in the man's vehicle. Authorities also identified the man as a member of a known gang.

The incident that led to the arrest occurred at a gas station located in the 2200 block of Route 12 in Woodstock. Spring Grove police allegedly recovered between 100 and 500 grams of marijuana and less than 15 grams of cocaine. The man also allegedly had a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun but did not have a FOID card.

Facing a marijuana charge? Know your rights and options.

When you got arrested for marijuana, you probably couldn't believe the situation. After all, a number of states, plus the nation's capital, have legalized marijuana.

It's true: facing a marijuana charge these days can be extremely frustrating, humiliating and frightening all at once. However, just because you have been arrested and taken into custody does not mean you are automatically guilty. The arrest is just part of a legal process, and you have a right to challenge the prosecution and fight the charge.

Drugs found in Weed World van

Vans advertising for the company called Weed World Candies are not very subtle, but they sell lollipops across the country that are not actually supposed to contain weed. Two people were detained in Illinois after the authorities found almost $98,000 worth of marijuana in a Weed World van.

Chicago police officers responded to a claim about people selling marijuana in a van at around 7:30 on Aug. 5. The van was near North State Street during a Lollapalooza event. The police found a 51-year-old Birmingham woman with an open Coors Light and a 36-year-old Georgia man with a gun. The van contained more than 5,000 grams of marijuana.

Woman facing DUI charge after traffic stop

On July 31, an Illinois woman was charged with DUI after authorities conducted a traffic stop on her vehicle. According to the report, she was on her way to a DUI class that she had been ordered to attend due to a previous DUI incident.

Authorities reportedly pulled the 23-year-old woman over at about 5:30 as she was driving on Woodside Road in Riverside. During the traffic stop, an officer smelled the odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from the car. She had a .196 blood-alcohol concentration and did not pass field sobriety tests. During a search of the vehicle, an open beer can and about 18 grams of marijuana were recovered.

Studies show marijuana-positive drivers increasing

Illinois motorists may be interested to learn that the number of marijuana-positive drivers has increased while the number of alcohol-positive drivers has decreased. The findings were drawn from several studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Data regarding drivers' drug use was collected through oral fluid and blood samples. Based on the results, researchers found that, in the 2013-2014 period, 22 percent of daytime drivers and 23 percent of nighttime drivers were found to have drugs in their system. When just marijuana-positive drivers were analyzed, the numbers were found to be 9 percent of daytime drivers and 13 percent of nighttime drivers.

Former Knicks coach arraigned on DUI charges

Illinois pro basketball fans might have learned a cautionary tale about drinking and driving from the arraignment of Derek Fisher. According to court records, a car crash in June has led to charges of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or higher for the former coach of the New York Knicks.

At the time of the car accident that took place in Los Angeles, police suspected that he had been driving under the influence and arrested him. The crash only involved his 2015 Cadillac, and Fisher and his passenger did not suffer any injuries. Fisher had been driving on U.S. Route 101 in Sherman Oaks when he apparently struck a guardrail. The impact flipped his vehicle and it landed upside down.

3 taken into custody following drug house raid

On June 15, Illinois authorities raided a home in Alton following a six-month period of continuous complaints from neighbors. Authorities said that multiple people were detained during the raid but only three were taken into custody. Additionally, five children were removed from the residence and were handed over to family members.

The alleged drug house was located near Anex and Edwards Street. The Alton Deputy Police Chief said that the neighbors were vital in giving the police evidence that illegal narcotics were being used and sold at the residence. The three individuals who were taken into custody were charged with felony drug-related offenses, including delivery of meth and marijuana.

Uber driver carrying passenger charged with drunk driving

An Illinois Uber driver is facing several criminal charges including a felony drunk driving count for allegedly transporting a paying customer while under the influence of alcohol. The man's Ford Explorer SUV was pulled over by police in northern Kane County during the early morning hours of May 28. He was then placed into custody and handed charges of aggravated DUI and disorderly conduct. He was also cited for a number of traffic violations. The man's bail has been set at $10,000, and he is scheduled to appear in court again on June 28.

Media accounts of the incident reveal that police were called when the man's passenger became alarmed. A deputy with the Kane County Sheriff's Office stopped the man's SUV as it was proceeding eastbound on Plank Road in the vicinity of Muirhead Road west of Elgin. Police reports do not indicate what may have led the deputy or the passenger to conclude that the man was impaired.

2 men charged with drug trafficking

According to the Illinois State Police, two Tennessee men were taken into custody on May 17 after authorities found several pounds of marijuana in their vehicle. The incident occurred after an off duty officer spotted a Dodge Charger sitting in the middle of County Road 300 E in Seymour while one of the men was urinating in a nearby field.

The off duty officer spotted the parked vehicle at about 2 p.m. As the officer approached the vehicle, he reportedly saw open alcohol containers near the vehicle. As he was talking to the two men, he said that he smelled burning marijuana coming from the vehicle. When he asked about the smell, one of the men, age 27, handed over approximately 2 grams of marijuana that had been in the glove box.

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