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Drug charges sought against four from Rockford

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2012 | Drug Charges

Illinois residents can find themselves in unexpected situations, such as when they make a poor choice in their personal lives that could lead to an arrest for criminal charges. This was the case recently when, as a result of police responding to a tip, four Illinois residents were arrested, on drug charges.

According to a local media report, officers in the Rockford Police Department Narcotics Unit responded to a tip that crack cocaine was being dealt in the 2300 block of Seventh Street.

At the residence investigated under a search warrant, police found marijuana, crack cocaine, materials often used for drug packaging, and money. The four individuals arrested during the raid are now facing a long list of charges; varying from delivery and sale of drugs in addition to the possession of marijuana. Also, two of the suspects allegedly had outstanding warrants for other crimes in Boone and Winnebago County.

When charged with a serious crime, such as possession of cocaine, the impact on the accused person’s life can be life-changing. A cocaine charge can carry a heavy criminal penalty, including incarceration.

Time in prison does not always just impact the defendant. For those individuals with families, being incarcerated has other implications. Children of imprisoned parents may end up being raised in single parent households. On the other hand, if the children were already in a single parent home, they may end up being raised by other family members or the state’s foster care system.

Before a person has his or her day in court, it is important to arrange for a proper criminal defense. This includes gathering all of the facts before presenting the defendant’s case. A thorough investigation of the evidence is the difference between incarceration and freedom. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that regardless of how initial reports from the media or law enforcement may appear, defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

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