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Woman faces felony charge after alleged battery in Edwardsville

On Behalf of | May 3, 2012 | Felonies

Facing the prospect of a felony charge involving battery can be daunting, and a conviction can bring serious repercussions. Whether the claimed incident was the result of self-defense or due to coming to the defense of another person or any other reason, an accused person will likely be required to answer to the charges in a court of law.

An Illinois woman is currently facing a felony charge after being accused of breaking into a home and attacking a woman. The 51-year-old Edwardsville woman was arrested after being detained for allegedly entering a woman’s home and hitting her on the head with a lamp. The woman was charged with aggravated battery. Her bail was set at $30,000 but she was later released after she posted a $3,000 cash bond.

She purportedly attacked the woman on the night of April 18. Edwardsville police responded to the altercation shortly before 9 p.m. They say the alleged victim did not need medical attention and was not transported to the hospital. Nevertheless, they believe the woman unlawfully entered the victim’s home, hit the woman and then fled in her own vehicle. The woman was arrested shortly after the incident.

All criminal matters are singular. Here, for example, the relationship between the women, if any, is unknown and may or may not have been a contributing factor as to what occurred. Too often much is unknown concerning such cases that ultimately may contribute towards defending such individuals.

An Illinois felony charge is understandably serious. Of necessity, the accused individual would do well to understand her legal rights and see that they are protected. Although she is deemed innocent until proven guilty, she will still need to be able to answer to the charges against her as she attempts to either have the felony charge reduced or dismissed completely.

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