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Illinois drug crime: Authorities unearth large drug stash

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2013 | Drug Charges

Acting on a tip, Illinois police recently secured a search warrant and raided a home where they reportedly uncovered a significant drug stash. Two people are now facing criminal charges as a result of the alleged drug crime. Both were taken to a local jail and were held there as of the latest report.

Officers say they seized several pounds of marijuana, cocaine and several doses of what they believe to be LSD. They also seized what they characterized as drug paraphernalia, the nature of which was not further specified, and over $1,000 in cash. The accused were not present when officers performed the raid but apparently returned while police were still there. The couple is believed to have resided in the basement of the home, and it was not reported if the owner of the home is facing charges as well.

Authorities believe the drugs have a value of approximately $20,000. The two are facing three felonies for the drug crime accusations and will soon appear in court. Authorities hope the cash seized at the home will soon be forfeited, though that is a determination for a court to make.

The sheer amount of drugs reportedly found at this home could spell out significant trouble for these two accused individuals. A drug crime conviction could land each in jail for a lengthy period of time. However, it is one thing to be accused of a drug crime and something far different to be convicted of one. Each will soon have the opportunity to defend themselves against these charges in an Illinois courtroom. It may be in their best interests to ensure they are aware of their legal rights so they can prepare their defense in hopes of achieving a positive resolution to their respective cases.

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