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Woman faces felony charge after Illinois domestic incident

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Felonies

A woman faces a felony charge after allegedly running her boyfriend over. The accident reportedly occurred after she picked him up from an Illinois bar. She has since been charged with aggravated domestic battery in the incident. The boyfriend, however, initially told a drastically different story about what happened. The felony charge was leveled against her amid speculation the man changed his story concerning the incident that night.

In his initial report, the man did not mention his girlfriend. Instead, he claimed he had been drinking at a bar when he was struck by a vehicle that ran a stop sign. He stated he rolled over the hood of the vehicle and fell to the ground. He claimed he was run over again, and his legs became tangled under the car, resulting in him being dragged along the ground. He was able to get free after he began to roll from side to side.

The man then asserted that he ran to his girlfriend’s house to notify her, and the woman’s mother transported him to the emergency room. He apparently suffered injuries to his back, chest and scrotum and needed surgery. After the girlfriend was arrested, her mother claimed her daughter never meant to hurt anyone, and the accident was exacerbated by alcohol. The girlfriend remained in jailed, but the exact details of what really happened have not yet been divulged.

The felony charge this woman is facing could land her an Illinois jail sentence if she is actually convicted of the allegations. Domestic incidents can often get out of hand, but this story seems convoluted, something that could potentially help her case. It is unknown if the boyfriend changed his report, but the woman’s defense may make an issue of the seemingly divergent accounts of the incident. Nevertheless, she would do well to begin preparing a vigorous defense so she can answer to these charges in hopes of a successful resolution to her case.

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