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Woman’s death leads to Illinois DUI charges

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2013 | Drunk Driving-DUI Charges

A deadly Illinois car accident has led to the driver facing criminal charges. The accident occurred as the man was driving his female passenger’s vehicle. He was traveling south on the interstate when the woman reportedly fell out of the vehicle. She was hit by two other vehicles and died at the accident scene. Authorities have charged the driver with DUI that involved a death and a leaving a fatal crash scene.

At this time, authorities do not known whether the woman was pushed from the vehicle or jumped of her own volition. The driver continued traveling after the woman fell, but crashed his vehicle close to an exit ramp. He exited his vehicle and attempted to flee the scene, but he was apprehended by troopers.

An investigation revealed that the two had been together at other locations before the woman died. It is unknown if the man underwent any breathalyzer or other sobriety tests to determine whether he had been drinking. He is currently being held by authorities.

The state of Illinois has tough DUI laws. A conviction could result in a person’s driver’s license being suspended, fines and the possibility of jail time. However, anyone accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty and will have the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law. When facing the possibility of a DUI conviction, it is important for residents to understand their legal rights. Doing so could help them choose the best defense strategy in hopes of a positive outcome to the accusations leveled against them.

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