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DUI charge filed against woman in serious car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2013 | Drunk Driving-DUI Charges

A rollover crash on an interstate highway has led to the arrest of one woman who police believe may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident. Illinois authorities are still investigating the accident, but they suspect the woman operating the vehicle may have been DUI. Nine children were injured in the accident.

According to police reports, the vehicle in question, which is designed to hold no more than eight passengers legally, was overloaded with two adults and nine children when the accident happened. Police believe the SUV was traveling at high speeds when the driver allegedly lost control, driving up an embankment and flipping the vehicle. First responders noted that only two of the children, who ranged in age between three and 14 years of age, were wearing appropriate restraints such as seat belts.

All nine children were rushed to local hospitals, where police say they were being treated for a variety of injuries from mild to severe. None of the injuries were life-threatening according to medical personnel. The driver was arrested on the scene and charged with DUI as well as a number of traffic violations related to improper child restraint use. It is unknown if a Breathalyzer or roadside sobriety test were conducted by police at the time of the arrest.

It is gratifying to learn that no one was killed in this unfortunate accident, but that will not stop prosecutors from attempting to prove guilt on the part of the driver charged with DUI. Illinois law requires prosecutors to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the woman was above the legal limit at the time of her arrest. Without corroboration from warranted sources like a blood test, it may be difficult to prove this assertion, however.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Woman Charged With DUI In Crash That Injured 9 Kids,” Aug. 2, 2013