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Alleged theft leads to felony charge for 3 Illinois residents

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Felonies

Three people are in custody and facing serious charges after an alleged burglary resulted in the theft of $50,000 in jewelry from a private residence. The three Illinois residents are currently being held by police on $50,000 bond each. Each faces a felony charge for the alleged burglary, but no court date has yet been set.

According to prosecutors, approximately $300 in cash and the aforementioned $50,000 in jewelry was stolen from a home in Colinsville during the week of Oct. 15. Approximately half of the stolen jewelry has since been recovered, but the other $25,000 in property remains unaccounted for. Details of the alleged burglary and subsequent arrest of the three defendants are unavailable.

Of the three suspected felons, two men aged 20 and 24 and a woman aged 19, the woman and the 20-year-old are also suspected of having taken part in other burglaries in the area. No charges have yet been filed in those cases, which will be handled separately from this existing criminal case. It is unclear whether any of the three have currently secured representation.

There are too few details about both the alleged crime and the resulting arrests to be able to accurately assess how this criminal trial may play out. Of course, the burden of proof is on Illinois prosecutors to prove unequivocally that all three individuals were involved in the alleged burglary in order for each felony charge to stick. Defense may benefit from not only an analysis of any evidence brought forth, but also a careful look at the arrest records associated with this case to ensure all three defendants’ rights were respected throughout the process.

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