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Illinois men face child pornography charge

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Sex Crimes

Two men are currently under suspicion of creating and distributing child pornography throughout the state, according to local law enforcement. The men, both Illinois residents, are each facing a child pornography charge, perhaps one of the most potentially damning criminal charges on the books. Such charges must be handled delicately, because the stigma associated with them can ruin even an innocent individual’s reputation.

According to police, the two men, aged 63 and 58 respectively, have both been arrested in connection with these charges. The charges were filed as a direct result of actions taken via Operation Glass House, a statewide law enforcement program designed to limit and stop the production and trade of child pornography. So far the initiative has led to over 50 arrests.

The 63-year-old, who has been accused of being one of the state’s most prolific purveyors of child porn, faces ten separate felony charges for creating and owning child pornography. The 58-year-old, who was arrested following a raid, also faces five counts of possession. Both men are currently in custody as of this writing. If found guilty, they could face considerable jail time.

Very little is known about the arrest process as carried out by Illinois law enforcement involved in Operation Glass House. In raid situations, it is possible for the letter of the law as it pertains to the rights of individuals to be violated. Defense may wish to scrutinize the arrest record to ensure the rights of both men were observed throughout the process. A criminal conviction for a child pornography charge is extremely serious and can have lifelong repercussions, and every reasonable effort should be made to ensure that the rights of an accused individual are fully honored throughout the criminal proceedings.

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