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Former Illinois football player arrested on suspicion of DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Drunk Driving-DUI Charges

A former sports hero was arrested in the early morning of Feb. 3 for a variety of charges. The footballer was detained by Illinois State Police after being accused of DUI among several other charges. He has been released on bond, and a trial date has yet to be set.

According to police statements, the man was seen driving his pickup truck eastbound in a westbound lane of a local street. When he was pulled over, attending officers said he exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication, and he allegedly admitted to having been drinking before getting behind the wheel. There is no word as to whether a roadside sobriety test was requested or performed.

The man was arrested on the scene and charged with DUI, driving the wrong direction and driving without insurance. He was also accused of a seatbelt violation and an open container infraction. He was processed at Macon County Jail and later released. A court date has not yet been set in relation to this case.

Too little information is available at this time to determine how these DUI proceedings may play out. Illinois prosecutors will be required to prove that the man was operating the vehicle while intoxicated, which may be complicated if roadside sobriety tests were not administered by attending officers. The defense may wish to review the arrest record to determine what steps, if any, were taken to verify the man’s alleged intoxication and to ensure his rights were and are respected throughout the process. If Illinois police deviated from protocol, it may be possible to have certain evidence excluded or the entire case thrown out of court altogether.

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