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Illinois man faces drug charge for marijuana possession

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2014 | Drug Charges

A man living in Chicago’s North Side has been arrested on allegations of drug trafficking, police have reported. The 39-year-old Illinois man faces a drug charge pertaining to a police investigation that has led to the alleged discovery of marijuana in the man’s apartment. If convicted, the man could face serious criminal punishment under Illinois law.

Police said they were responding to an anonymous tip when they went to the man’s apartment on the afternoon of Feb. 9. According to attending officers, they were let in by the man voluntarily, at which time they reportedly smelled a strong odor of burning marijuana. Upon entering the apartment, police said they found a small grow operation that included lights, fans and 49 marijuana plants. The total street value of the drugs seized was estimated at $350,000.

Very little information was made available about the specifics of the police visit to the man’s apartment and his subsequent arrest. The man is currently in custody facing a trial, though no date has yet been set. It is unknown whether the man lived alone or if he shared the domicile with other people, but police have filed no further charges as of this writing.

More information will be required in order to develop a comprehensive defense in this case. There are a variety of ways Illinois police could have approached the situation that may have deviated from best practices. The drug charge could be thrown out entirely if it is determined that police did not follow established procedure in entering the home. Additionally, the defense may wish to review the arrest record to ensure the man’s rights were respected throughout the arrest process.

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