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Illinois teacher’s aide faces sex crime charge

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Sex Crimes

An accusation of sexual misconduct or assault can ruin lives, which means any such charge must be taken very seriously. Here in Illinois, a teacher’s aide is fighting to defend his reputation after being hit with a sex crime charge for allegedly sexually assaulting a student with special needs. The 37-year-old man is currently incarcerated with his bail set at $300,000.

According to the report, the alleged incident occurred in the gymnasium of the school where the aide is employed. The school is specially reserved for students with a variety of special needs, including cognitive impairment and physical disabilities. The alleged victim is apparently severely mentally impaired and is also deaf.

He alleges that he was taken to the gym by the aide, who then sexually assaulted him. It is unclear if there were any witnesses to this alleged crime at this time. The victim told family members, who alerted school authorities and the police, at which time the aide was arrested and charged with criminal sexual abuse and assault. The student was taken to a local hospital to be checked out by doctors. There is no word what the findings of the hospital were at this time.

For individuals in a position of authority over minors, a sex crime charge can spell the end of a career. This is one reason why Illinois prosecutors will have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged attack did happen. The defense may wish to cross-examine the alleged victim and material witnesses — if any — present an effective defense that calls into question the accusations while also preserving the accused man’s considerable legal rights.

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