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Nurse from Illinois faces drug charge

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Drug Charges

A 40-year-old nurse is facing serious drug and neglect charges after being accused of failing to provide support to two patients at the nursing home where she worked, according to local sources. The Illinois woman faces a drug charge that includes 13 counts of possession of a controlled substance in addition to the neglect charges. If she is found guilty, she will likely have her license to practice revoked and may also face jail time.

The drug charge alleges the woman acquired a number of different prescription drugs in March and again in November of last year, all illegally. There is little information as to the specifics of these charges, including how authorities came to the conclusion the crimes were committed. There are 13 separate charges associated with this allegation.

The two counts of neglect refer to two separate incidences reported by the long-term care facility where the woman worked. It is alleged that the woman failed to feed one patient and did not provide requisite medication to another. Both of these incidences are said to have occurred on March 21 of this year. No court date has yet been set and it is unclear whether the woman is in custody at this time.

A drug charge or neglect charge filed against a healthcare professional can be devastating to that professional’s reputation. The allegations could influence her ability to secure employment at a later time, even if the charges remain unproven. Illinois prosecutors will be tasked with proving the woman illegally acquired prescription drugs and that she knowingly neglected her duties as a care worker. The woman’s defense may benefit from careful scrutiny of the prosecution’s proposed evidence in order to determine if legal challenges to their admissibility may be appropriate to pursue before the court.

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