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Police arrest man in midst of armed robbery

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Law enforcement authorities with the Chicago Police Department arrested a man they suspect of committing several area robberies in the Clearing neighborhood on Feb. 6. While detectives from Area Central were conducting their investigation, they reportedly caught the man attempting to rob a fast food store.

Reportedly, detectives saw the man enter the fast food restaurant, where he allegedly told the store personnel that it was a robbery. Officers followed the man inside and arrested him. According to officers, the man was armed with a knife and a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun.

The restaurant where the alleged attempted armed robbery occurred is located in the 6400 block of West 63rd Street. The 23-year-old suspect apparently lives in the 6600 block of West 59th Street. He was taken into custody and charged with multiple felony offenses. His charges include seven counts of armed robbery with a firearm, one count of attempted armed robbery, six counts of armed robbery using a dangerous weapon, two felony counts of theft, two felony counts of unlawfully using a weapon and one misdemeanor count of having an unregistered firearm. There is no word as to whether bond has been set in the man’s case.

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