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Marijuana in McDonald’s drive-thru gets Illinois man arrested

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2015 | Drug Charges

When a Galesburg police officer was helping with a traffic stop in a McDonald’s parking lot, he smelled marijuana coming from a vehicle in the drive-thru. According to his police report, he chose to follow the vehicle, which left the parking lot at a high rate of speed. After the driver failed to signal a lane change, the officer pulled over the car.

The officer said he observed the male driver attempting to hide a baggie. Its contents ended up dumped in the driver’s lap. Recognizing the substance as marijuana, the officer opened the door and informed the man that he would be arrested. A short struggle ensued before the officer handcuffed the man.

In addition to marijuana, the 21-year-old Monmouth man also possessed one hydrocodone pill along with $5,600 in cash. The man said that he earned the money at his job and that the marijuana was for personal use. He was charged with possession of 7.5 grams of marijuana and resisting arrest. A judge set his bond at $3,000.

Being arrested on a drug charge could lead to jail time, fines and difficulty getting a job in the future if a person is convicted. Sometimes, people seek a criminal defense attorney to help defend their rights. An attorney could assess the evidence against the person and challenge it if the person’s rights were violated. If a prosecutor offers a plea bargain, an attorney could also advise the person on whether or not the deal is in the client’s best interest.

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