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Defenses to domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Blog

Annually, roughly 1 million women are victims of domestic assault in the United States. This is in addition to males who are victims of such violence in Illinois and throughout the country. Those who have been accused of such a crime may have a variety of defenses that they can use to dispute the charge. For instance, an individual may claim that he or she is the victim of mistaken identity by presenting an alibi before or during a trial.

Individuals may also be able to claim that there isn’t enough evidence to convict them. In a criminal case, jurors must vote to acquit a person if there is reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. A person who is charged with domestic assault may say that a person claiming to be the victim of an assault consented to being hit or otherwise attacked by the defendant.

A defendant may claim that he or she became physical with a spouse or relative as a means to protect him or herself. It may also be possible to assert that an individual hit or struck another person to protect a child or another vulnerable person from harm. Finally, those who are charged with domestic violence might argue that they were victims of false claims made by a spouse, partner or family member.

An individual who is convicted on a domestic violence charge may face a variety of consequences including a jail sentence. He or she may also lose some or all rights to a son or daughter. A defendant may be able to obtain a favorable outcome in a case by hiring a criminal defense attorney who may provide evidence showing that a defendant engaged in self-defense or was in a different location when an assault occurred.


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