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Formulating a defense when charged with domestic violence

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

When someone is arrested for domestic violence in Illinois, there can be serious consequences. Not only can there be legal ramifications, but it may also result in a person garnering a negative reputation in the community and hinder various aspects of his or her life. Although these allegations are serious, simply being charged does not automatically mean a person is guilty.

There are a couple of avenues of defense when facing domestic violence charges. The simple act of saying it was someone else who committed the act might sound like a weak excuse, but it is sometimes true. Perhaps the suspect has an alibi that proves the charges are false, or there is other exonerating evidence. Although people who claim to have been victims should be believed, false charges are occasionally made. It could be due to a troubled marriage or other disagreements. Inconsistencies could show that the incident did not happen as the complaining party says it did.

Both sides could share some responsibility, and the behavior might possibly have been an act of self-defense or protecting others. As unusual as it may sound, people have willingly taken part in behaviors that are categorized as violent. If it is misinterpreted by a witness, or it goes too far, an arrest is possible. Finally, with any criminal case, there must be proof to indicate that it happened. Showing that there is reasonable doubt or dismantling the other party’s assertions can be effective.

Accusations of domestic violence can lead to an arrest, a protective order, challenges seeing one’s children and much more. To avoid these penalties, it is wise to think about strategies that could get the charges dropped or secure an acquittal. Discussing the case with a legal professional experienced in domestic violence can help with crafting an effective defense and addressing the charges.