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Actor Drake Bell denies assault against ex-girlfriend

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Criminal Defense

“Drake and Josh” actor Drake Bell is denying accusations that he was abusive toward his ex-girlfriend during their relationship. The allegations made by her are the subject of a video she posted to TikTok. She says Bell assaulted her both verbally and physically when she was 16 years old and engaged in a two-year relationship with the actor. The developments have caught the attention of people in Illinois and other parts of the country.

The allegations against Bell come at a time when entertainers have come under more scrutiny for offenses like domestic violence and DUI/DWI. The ex girlfriend, who is now 30 years old, says she is speaking out now about a relationship that began in 2006 because she hopes her experiences can become a cautionary tale for young girls. The video she posted has received more than four million views. The video has also received 873,000 likes to go along with 13,000 comments.

Bell’s side of the story

Bell refuted the claims through the media. He says that he has never physically assaulted her and is also not guilty of any of the other allegations made by his ex-girlfriend.

Bell admits that the breakup between them was not amicable. He says that both of them called the other terrible names, something he says often happens at the end of relationships. Bell also explains that his ex-girlfriend was comfortable enough with their current friendship that she asked him to provide her with financial help a little over a year ago.

Addressing allegations

Bell expressed he does not have the motive to explain the actions of his ex-girlfriend but says he will not sit silently while such allegations are made falsely against him. The ex said during the TikTok video that she does not care about the people who will not believe her. She says she is speaking the truth regarding her life and experiences.

Individuals accused of domestic violence suffer both legal consequences and negative social stigma. It may be possible for an experienced criminal attorney to help someone facing charges for this crime to protect their legal rights and guard against the potential fallout of the accusations.