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Domestic violence affects many in Illinois

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Uncategorized

No matter the socio-economic status or background, domestic violence can become a destructive force inside your home. Domestic violence occurs between spouses, family members and even in dating scenarios. When it arises, the victim typically feels powerless and incapable of doing anything to stop it. Worse, the victim often feels like he or she is the cause of the violence and the one at fault instead of the victim of a violent crime.

Domestic violence occurs in many ways

While striking someone or using a weapon to threaten or cause great bodily harm clearly is understood to be domestic violence, it also occurs in more subtle ways. Those include emotional abuse, such as constantly overly criticizing personal efforts, blaming the victim for anything that goes wrong, not trusting their victim’s actions and controlling any movement. Threats of violence or coercion also is domestic violence even if there is no physical contact.

Domestic violence can be dangerous for everyone involved

Women as well as men are accused of domestic violence with victims often suffering severe injuries. The potential for domestic violence to arise in virtually any relationship makes it a truly pervasive issue. It also is the most dangerous situation for a police officer. When emotions are running high, someone might be armed and when the problem is happening behind closed doors, a police officer responding to a 911 call for help might find the situation truly deadly.

Legal help for the accused is available in Illinois domestic violence cases. An experienced domestic violence attorney can help to ensure civil rights are upheld while giving you a fair and full representation.


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