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Domestic violence perpetrated against males often hidden

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

When most people think about domestic violence, they automatically envision a male abuser and a female victim. However, men in Illinois and elsewhere are also experiencing domestic violence at the hands of female abusers. Men are often too embarrassed to seek medical attention for the wounds they sustain. In fact, one man stitched his own cut with a needle and thread out of fear of ridicule for reporting the attack.

How severe is the problem?

The concept of a man being abused by a woman is no laughing matter. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that 1 in 9 men is the victim of physical, sexual or mental abuse from a female partner. This abuse not only can lead to the obvious physical wounds, but it has also been reported to cause PTSD, fearfulness and the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases.

Numbers never lie

The same study indicates that:

  • 1 out of 7 men have been physically harmed by an intimate partner.
  • 1 in 25 men have been injured by a partner with whom they were intimate.
  • 1 in 71 men report having been raped by an acquaintance.
  • 1 in 18 men have been victim to stalking.
  • 40% of males have experienced coercive control by an intimate partner.
  • 1 out of every 20 male murder victims is killed by an intimate partner.

These statistics indicate that domestic violence is not a gender-specific issue, and everyone is subject to the harm it can cause.

Anyone, male or female, who has been the victim of domestic violence is encouraged to immediately contact law enforcement. However, that is just the beginning of the battle. A victim is also advised to contact an attorney who can represent him or her in a case against his or her abuser.


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