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Common reasons for false accusations of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2020 | Blog

If an Illinois couple is going through a divorce, one party might take extreme measures to get an advantage over the other. In some cases, this can involve making false accusations of domestic violence. Accusations like these can have a drastic impact on the trial, so the accused should handle it carefully and consult a lawyer before making any decisions.

Why would a person falsely accuse their former spouse of domestic violence?

People can falsely accuse their ex-spouses of domestic violence for many reasons. This commonly happens when a couple is going through a divorce and one party wants full custody of their child. In their mind, if they accuse the other person of violence, the judge will be more likely to award full custody. They might even file for an order of protection that forces the accused to leave the house and have no contact with their children.

How can people avoid being falsely accused of domestic violence?

While there’s no way to prevent false accusations entirely, people can reduce their risk by avoiding getting emotional in arguments. If they shout at their former spouse or lightly touch their arm, that could theoretically lead to a false accusation. They should avoid getting dragged into arguments and leave the situation if the conversation gets heated.

How should people proceed when accused of domestic violence?

If an individual has been accused of domestic violence, they might wish to hire an attorney. An attorney might be able to give them legal advice to keep the situation from escalating. They might also be able to represent their client in court and help them share their side of the story. Working with an attorney, the client might be able to get the situation resolved without risking their reputation or their ability to see their children.


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