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How IL residents can proceed after domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Blog

Prosecutors in New Hampshire have dropped the assault charges against a woman who was accused of assaulting her husband, who is a police officer. In July, the woman was arrested after her husband called the police, claiming that she had attacked him. However, the woman suffered broken ribs and ended up in the hospital. When she was released, she allegedly broke the no contact order and fled the scene when police tried to arrest her.

Contrary to her husband’s claim, the woman has accused her husband of domestic violence. Her husband was later fired and is now undergoing criminal investigation. The domestic violence charges against the woman have been dropped, although the charges of fleeing the scene are still ongoing.

According to the woman’s family, the local police force showed favoritism to the woman’s husband because he was a fellow police officer. The case attracted social media attention, which led to multiple rallies. An attorney involved with the case declined to comment on whether the former police officer is being investigated because of domestic violence.

How to proceed after being accused of domestic violence?

If an individual has been accused of domestic violence, they might wish to speak with an attorney. Issues of domestic violence and protection orders can escalate quickly. An attorney might be able to provide guidance to help their client maintain their reputation and avoid incurring more severe charges.

The attorney might be able to assess the situation and determine whether the prosecution has a strong case or if the story was simply made up. They might be able to help their client present strong evidence that proves their innocence or negotiate for reduced charges. Additionally, they might be able to help their client share their side of the story and show that the case isn’t as one-sided as it originally appears.


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