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The trouble with double doctoring

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Drug Charges

Doubling doctoring, which is also known as “doctor shopping,” occurs when Illinois patients purposely seek out multiple prescriptions of the same medication from different physicians. It can also happen when people deliberately search for doctors with a reputation for overprescribing drugs. Both of these activities are illegal and can result in serious consequences.

Why some people engage in double doctoring

People engage in double doctoring for a variety of reasons. For example, individuals with anxiety disorders may visit several doctors to receive treatment for phantom conditions or illnesses. Others might seek a second opinion for a genuine problem and end up with more than one prescription.

However, many people go doctor shopping to either feed an addiction or sell drugs for profit. These individuals typically attempt to obtain habit-forming medications such as opiate painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, muscle relaxants or ADHD stimulants.

The consequences of double doctoring

There are a number of serious consequences associated with double doctoring. For instance, taking more medication than prescribed can increase the risk of an overdose or other adverse drug reactions. In addition, hoarding prescriptions burdens the healthcare system and creates drug shortages, making it difficult for honest patients to get the medications they need.

People who practice doctor shopping may also face legal headaches. In order to get multiple prescriptions, patients lie to their healthcare providers, which could lead to fraud charges. Meanwhile, people who sell their prescriptions to others could be vulnerable to state and federal drug charges. Individuals convicted of such crimes could be fined or sentenced to prison.

If you’re engaged in double doctoring to support an addiction, you could get help by entering a drug rehabilitation program.