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Felony charge filed for neglect against Illinois woman

A woman accused of neglecting her children has been charged after witnesses reported evidence of neglect, according to reports. The Illinois woman faces two counts of a class D felony charge of neglect of a dependent. This follows claims that her 3-year-old daughter was unsupervised on a busy street while her 1-year-old son was left in a closed vehicle.

Illinois juvenile crime law to raise age for adult charges

A proposed court ruling that would make it state law for minors 17 and under to be charged as minors even in felony cases has been proposed, according to a recent report. Illinois state law currently deals with juvenile crime somewhat more seriously, charging 17-year-old offenders as adults in the case of felony crimes. However, many individuals see this law as unfair and are working to change it.

Illinois cop faces 2nd drunk driving charge in 5 years

Occasionally, citizens call in reports of erratic driving to Illinois law enforcement authorities. Often, the underlying factor is that a motorist is suspected of drunk driving. That is exactly what occurred recently in Williamson County, but there was a twist. The suspected drunk driver is a local sheriff's deputy.

Woman's death leads to Illinois DUI charges

A deadly Illinois car accident has led to the driver facing criminal charges. The accident occurred as the man was driving his female passenger's vehicle. He was traveling south on the interstate when the woman reportedly fell out of the vehicle. She was hit by two other vehicles and died at the accident scene. Authorities have charged the driver with DUI that involved a death and a leaving a fatal crash scene.

Illinois mother and son face several drug crime charges

An Illinois woman and her son are facing multiple drug crime charges. Although the exact details of the investigation concerning them have not been reported, they are under suspicion from both state and federal authorities. If a conviction is obtained on the drug crime charges, each could face up to 12 years in prison. Both have also been charged in another case involving the death of a woman and a conviction regarding those allegations could also result in time and fines.

Illinois officer faces possible felony conviction after incident

An Illinois police officer is facing legal trouble after a domestic incident involving a female roommate. Police have since leveled five charges against him, including aggravated and domestic battery. He was incarcerated with a bail of $75,000. Any felony conviction could result in jail time or other penalties, but this officer could be in jeopardy of losing his job as well.

Illinois man faces felony conviction over workers' comp claim

A former Illinois police officer is facing the prospect of a felony conviction after being indicted for multiple charges. The 53-year-old man is accused of filing for a workers' compensation claim, but did not injure himself on the job. He is facing a felony conviction on several charges involving this claim and the money he allegedly received after the injury occurred.

Woman faces felony charge after Illinois domestic incident

A woman faces a felony charge after allegedly running her boyfriend over. The accident reportedly occurred after she picked him up from an Illinois bar. She has since been charged with aggravated domestic battery in the incident. The boyfriend, however, initially told a drastically different story about what happened. The felony charge was leveled against her amid speculation the man changed his story concerning the incident that night.

Man faces drug crime charge after police enter Illinois home

Two men are facing criminal charges after an Illinois drug bust. Officers involved in the bust allegedly saw one of the men involved in a drug transaction with a number of people. When the man noticed officers, they claim he ran inside of a residence and blocked its entrance with two-by-fours, potentially making it more difficult for the officers to enter. He is now facing a drug crime charge.

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