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Get advice and representation from a local attorney who cares – and who understands exactly how the system works.

With Any Drug Charge

We know how drug charges are handled in the Edwardsville area. We know what options may be available to you.

Against Federal Charges

We have successfully handled many serious cases in federal court, including cases involving fraud, firearms and drug crimes.

And Traffic Violations

Our firm can help you deal with DUI charges, license violation issues and other problems related to driving.

And Other Violent Offenses

Crimes against people are aggressively prosecuted. We can fight to protect your rights and future.


A criminal conviction, whether a felony or misdemeanor, is always serious and can have lifelong implications. These consequences can include jail or prison time, heavy fines and a strike on your permanent record. If you are facing criminal charges, selecting the right Edwardsville criminal defense attorney can be vital to the outcome of your case.

Super Lawyers
NACDA Top Ten Ranking 2013
NACDA Top Ten Ranking 2013
Super Lawyers
NACDA Top Ten Ranking 2013
NACDA Top Ten Ranking 2013

Strong Advocacy And Responsive Service

Edwardsville criminal defense attorney Jessica Koester understands that everything can change when you or your loved one has been charged with a crime. A lifelong Edwardsville resident, she provides strong advocacy — support, compassion and tenacity — and responsive service to each person she represents. As a client of the firm, all aspects of your legal matter will be handled personally by attorney Koester. Your case will receive the time and attention it deserves. Your phone calls will be returned promptly, and your important questions will get answered.

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Serving Clients Throughout Madison County

The criminal justice system can be intimidating and frightening. Law enforcement officers, investigators and prosecutors may try hard to peg you as a criminal and secure your conviction. At this time, it is important to remember that you have legal rights, including the right to obtain the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

The firm is conveniently located within walking distance of the Edwardsville courthouse. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Contact us for a free initial consultation.