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A Lawyer Who Helps Lawyers

No one wants to receive a letter from the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC). Finding one in your mailbox can cause heart palpitations, anxiety and stress that actually impedes your ability to respond appropriately. With your livelihood on the line, you need an objective third party who can evaluate the evidence and help you fight the complaint.

The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, provides knowledgeable representation in resolving attorney discipline matters. Our attorney has successfully represented clients throughout Southern Illinois and is well-positioned to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Take Every Complaint Seriously

Some complaints that people file with the ARDC are baseless, while others are grounded in substantive fact. Regardless of the complaint’s merit, it is imperative that you take it seriously. Failing to respond in a timely or strategic manner can result in permanent damage to your career.

There is basis in the adage that says a lawyer who represents himself/herself has a fool for a client. Bring in experienced attorney who knows the lawyer discipline process and how to mitigate the damage, including potentially fending off criminal charges. Our law firm works diligently to protect your rights and reputation at each stage of the disciplinary hearing process.

You Probably Know The Potential Consequences

Here is a reminder of what they are and how they vary based on severity of the alleged violation. They can include public:

  • Disbarment
  • Suspension
  • Censure
  • Reprimand

The Illinois Supreme Court may also impose other penalties or requirements as it sees fit based on the facts of each case. Board decisions are generally available as part of your permanent record in the ARDC database.

Defend Your Reputation From First Notice

Whether you are facing a dispute over document fees or allegations of theft or fraud that could lead to criminal liability, it is essential that you safeguard your reputation as a lawyer. With careful preparation, you can avoid suspension, censure or worse.

For a consultation with our experienced ARDC defense attorney, please contact our Edwardsville-based office online or by phone: 618-307-4192.