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Illinois father facing felony charge after volleyball game

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2012 | Felonies

An Illinois man is facing legal trouble after a volleyball match got out of hand. The man was at a sporting event for his daughter when his daughter was taken out of the game and replaced with her sister. What happened next resulted in the man facing a felony charge.

The man allegedly followed the school’s athletic director to his home after game. He is accused of issuing death threats towards the man. The same night, the father allegedly made threatening phone calls to his daughter’s coach. The incident continued into the next day after a meeting between the father and director when he is said to have physically prevented the man from leaving the room.

Authorities were contacted, and the man was arrested. He is now facing charges of battery and telephone harassment. Normally, he would only face a misdemeanor, but the purported death threat elevated it to a felony charge. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Reports have surfaced all over the nation about parents and sporting events. It can be an emotional time for parents, but sometimes those situations get out of control. Now the Illinois father is facing a felony charge and could have an uphill legal battle ahead of him. His attorney is now involved in the case and has stated he will seek help for the man because he believed it was only a one-time occurrence. Regardless, the felony charge will require a relevant defense if the man hopes to fight the charges against him.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Lisle man pleads not guilty to charges from volleyball match,” Clifford Ward, Nov. 19, 2012


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