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Illinois man faces felony charge after child injured

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2012 | Felonies

An Illinois man is facing a felony charge after being accused of hurting a child. The charges came after a hospital contacted authorities when a mother brought her child in after taking the baby to their family doctor. He is now facing a felony charge of aggravated battery to a child. Crimes against children can result in harsh penalties, so it would likely be in his best interests to begin researching his legal options.

The child at the heart of the case is only 23 months old. Details surrounding the incident have not been divulged, but the alleged incident took place in Edwardsville, Illinois. Authorities stepped in to investigate the matter and the findings led to the arrest of the mother’s boyfriend.

The Madison County State’s Attorney leveled the charges against the 20-year-old man. He is currently being held at a local jail on a $150,000 bond. The child is still recovering at the hospital, but he is reportedly doing well at this time.

The possibility of a conviction on a felony charge is daunting. The man involved in this case may want to ensure that he is aware of his legal rights as they pertain to the charges against him. Crimes against children can be prosecuted harshly in Illinois, so it is important that he understand the ramifications of a conviction. Seeking out help in his case can allow him to build a strong defense and answer to these charges. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty, so he may want to do everything he can to fight against the accusations that are currently leveled against him.

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