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Illinois mother and son face several drug crime charges

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2013 | Drug Charges

An Illinois woman and her son are facing multiple drug crime charges. Although the exact details of the investigation concerning them have not been reported, they are under suspicion from both state and federal authorities. If a conviction is obtained on the drug crime charges, each could face up to 12 years in prison. Both have also been charged in another case involving the death of a woman and a conviction regarding those allegations could also result in time and fines.

Mother and son both have bail set at $2 million each for the state charges, but are held with no bond on the federal crimes. The state charges include drug trafficking and possession of a controlled substance. Heroin is suspected to be the drug involved. In addition, the United States Attorney’s Office has charged them with possessing an illegal substance and intending to deliver it.

Authorities claim the charges against the two are representative of the threat they possess to their community. A joint effort between several law enforcement organizations appeared to help in their apprehension. Both parties are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty, but they will likely have a difficult legal road ahead of them.

Each will surely benefit by gaining an understanding of their legal rights pertaining to the multiple drug crime charges against them, in addition to the other unrelated charges. Both will have the right to seek assistance with their cases, a step that could help them as they seek to navigate the federal and state court systems in Illinois. It may serve them well to also examine the option of a plea deal if the circumstances warrant, a move that could potentially help them receive a reduction in their charges and even avoid a length jail term if a conviction were ultimately obtained.

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