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Drug crime suspect charged after fatal crash

An Edwardsville man apparently suffering from drug addiction was charged on Tuesday, March 19 with a DUI causing death after he allegedly drove a vehicle into a neighbor's house. Illinois law enforcement says that forensics tests showed elements of cocaine, marijuana, alprazolam, and more than 0.08 percent alcohol in the man's bloodstream. While not solely a drug crime, the charge was counted four times, one for each of the substances found in the man's blood.

Illinois cop faces 2nd drunk driving charge in 5 years

Occasionally, citizens call in reports of erratic driving to Illinois law enforcement authorities. Often, the underlying factor is that a motorist is suspected of drunk driving. That is exactly what occurred recently in Williamson County, but there was a twist. The suspected drunk driver is a local sheriff's deputy.

Illinois man faces felony charge after pizza order

An Illinois man is in legal trouble after reportedly ordering a large amount of food and requesting it to be delivered to his estranged wife's home. Authorities allege the man had contacted four local restaurants and ordered 18 pizzas. The woman then began receiving phone calls from the restaurants asking her to confirm she was the one who had placed the orders. Authorities were able to track the orders back to the man's computer. He is now facing a felony charge of aggravated stalking.

Woman's death leads to Illinois DUI charges

A deadly Illinois car accident has led to the driver facing criminal charges. The accident occurred as the man was driving his female passenger's vehicle. He was traveling south on the interstate when the woman reportedly fell out of the vehicle. She was hit by two other vehicles and died at the accident scene. Authorities have charged the driver with DUI that involved a death and a leaving a fatal crash scene.

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