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Drug charge filed against 4 Illinois residents

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Drug Charges

An alleged marijuana-delivery service has been brought to the attention of local and federal law enforcement agencies, resulting in several arrests. Illinois police arrested four individuals they believe may have had something to do with the ring, which is also accused of money-laundering. The drug charge and other felony charges could result in jail time of up to 15 years apiece if the four are found guilty of the charges arrayed against them.

According to the report, the arrests came about as a result of a joint investigation involving several local and federal agencies including the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the DEA and others. Two of the four individuals arrested face drug charges, including delivery, production and processing of marijuana. The other two individuals face strictly money laundering charges.

It appears as though, over the year-long investigation, federal and local authorities tracked what they believe to be suspicious activity that appears to be consistent with money laundering, using funds suspected of being raised through the sale of marijuana. A search warrant for one domicile was issued and executed on June 11 of this year, at which point police say they found paraphernalia and illegal drugs on the premises. All four individuals were arrested and charged the same day.

A drug charge defense in a case of this scope will likely center on the search warrant and the year-long investigation preceding it. Illinois prosecutors will have to prove that due process was followed throughout the investigation and at no time were the rights of the charged individuals compromised. If the law was not followed to the letter, it may be possible that certain evidence could be rendered inadmissible in court.

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