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2 men charged with drug trafficking

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Drug Charges

According to the Illinois State Police, two Tennessee men were taken into custody on May 17 after authorities found several pounds of marijuana in their vehicle. The incident occurred after an off duty officer spotted a Dodge Charger sitting in the middle of County Road 300 E in Seymour while one of the men was urinating in a nearby field.

The off duty officer spotted the parked vehicle at about 2 p.m. As the officer approached the vehicle, he reportedly saw open alcohol containers near the vehicle. As he was talking to the two men, he said that he smelled burning marijuana coming from the vehicle. When he asked about the smell, one of the men, age 27, handed over approximately 2 grams of marijuana that had been in the glove box.

When an on duty officer arrived at the scene, a search of the vehicle revealed two suitcases that contained a total of about 5 pounds of marijuana. The second man, age 26, eventually claimed ownership of the suitcases. Both men were eventually charged with possession of cannabis and intent to deliver cannabis. They were scheduled to return to court on July 11.

A conviction on drug trafficking charges can result in serious legal consequences that could include a lengthy prison sentence. Further, the conviction can go on people’s permanent record and prevent them from obtaining gainful employment. As such, those who are facing such charges may want to meet with an attorney in order to start building a strategy to defend against the allegations.

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