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Illinois woman posts bail after arrest for crack cocaine

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Drug Charges

A 39-year-old woman has obtained release from the Will County Adult Detention Facility by providing 10 percent of her $15,000 bond. The report from the Joliet Police Department stated that she was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and a glass pipe.

Officers said that they initiated a traffic stop of her tan Buick in the early morning hours after noticing that the driver and passenger were not wearing seat belts. She stopped for police near the intersection of Washington and Richards streets on Joliet’s east side. She provided identification, but her male passenger said that he did not have any identification documents.

According to the police report, officers chose to search the woman. The search allegedly produced a glass pipe and metal container with plastic bags of a substance suspected to be crack cocaine. A test of the substance returned a positive result for cocaine. Police arrested her on charges of possessing a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

A conviction on drug charges could have serious consequences for a person and limit future employment and educational opportunities. Because jail time could also be possible, a person might want legal representation before entering a plea in court. An attorney may review the evidence and question charges that appear excessive. An attorney might also look into the circumstances of a search and seizure to see if law enforcement acted lawfully. Evidence obtained in violation of a person’s rights might become invalid and enable an attorney to get a case dropped or charges reduced.

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