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What is credit card fraud?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Credit card scams are one of the most common types of fraud in Illinois. A credit card scam involves stealing someone’s credit card information and using that to make fraudulent purchases. Many scammers get this information by posing as a bank, charity or another “official” organization.

How do scammers get credit card information?

Some scammers get credit card information by pretending to be a bank employee or a government official. They might call someone or send them an email claiming that they need their credit card information to verify their identity. In some cases, a scammer might even claim to be a police officer. Many people fall for this scam because they think that they’re talking to an official representative.

Other scammers make up a fake organization and pretend to collect donations. They might call an individual and ask for their credit card information so they can make a donation to a local charity. Some scammers go as far as to make up a fake business and try to sell people made-up products. This type of behavior is illegal under criminal law, but thousands of scammers still target people every year.

Some scammers send out emails that invite people to log in to their online accounts. When people click on these links, they find a website that looks similar to the real thing. They input their login information, thinking this will give them access to their account. Instead, the scammer gets their username and password and uses this information to log in to their accounts. This might give them access to the individual’s bank account, credit card number and other information.

Credit card fraud is a serious charge that could come with fines and jail time. If the police accuse you of credit card fraud, hire a criminal defense attorney.

Could someone falsely accuse you of credit card fraud?

Like any other crime, it’s possible for someone to falsely accuse you of credit card fraud. An attorney could help you defend yourself against the charges and clear your name in court. Even if you know the accusations are false, it’s vital that you have a strong defense on your side.