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Federal prosecutors convict 46 for supplying illegal pills

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Drug Charges

There are many different types of white-collar crimes on the books in Illinois and on the federal level. Being charged and convicted of a white-collar crime can have significant consequences, sometimes including lengthy prison terms. Types of white-collar crimes that have the potential for harsh penalties include insurance fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud and the illicit prescription of medications.

What is a pill mill?

There are some federal and state crimes that can cut across more than one classification. For example, the operation of a pill mill is both a drug offense and a white-collar crime because it involves falsifying records for monetary gain.

A pill mill typically involves what looks like a standard medical facility. Under the veneer, however, is an operation at which addictive painkillers are prescribed to patients without the taking of a sufficient medical history or even a physical examination. There may not be any type of standard diagnosis or medical monitoring. Documentation tends to be fabricated if maintained in any real form whatsoever.

Federal prosecutors convict multiple defendants in large-scale pill mill scheme

In April, federal prosecutors convicted 46 defendants of crimes related to the operation of an $18 million illicit pill mill scheme. The convicted defendants include both physicians and pharmacists. Some of the convicted co-conspirators pleaded guilty in advance of going through trial.

If you are facing some type of white-collar criminal charge, you may be able to mitigate potentially adverse consequences by retaining the services of an experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney. Prompt action puts you in the best position to more effectively protect your legal interests and avoid or reduce the penalties.