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New immunity law in cases of drug overdoses

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Drug Charges

In the U.S., there is a growing epidemic of opioid abuse. As a result, new laws are now being passed at state and federal levels. Prescription drugs that were intended for normal use are now leading to thousands of intentional and accidental overdoses. In Illinois, a sympathetic law was recently passed to help people receive immunity after drug overdoses.

New opioid law

The Opioid Overdose Reduction Act is a new 2021 law in Illinois that guarantees emergency medical services to a person experiencing a drug overdose. In return for seeking life-saving help, the person is free of prosecution for possessing a controlled or counterfeit substance under certain conditions. In addition, the person’s pretrial release or supervised release cannot be revoked because of the overdose.

The legal right to immunity

Legal immunity is granted in very few cases for people who face drug charges. However, people who are dying and in life-threatening situations should focus solely on their recovery. Anyone who has been charged with a drug crime, no matter how long it occurred ago, should look into his or her immunity rights. A lawyer can determine if a client is able to avoid prosecution if his or her life had been in mortal danger.

New form of assistance for drug users

The dramatically increasing cases of opioid abuse have led to the passing of numerous state laws. Now there are immunity laws to protect individuals as they recover from severe drug addictions and seek treatment. This law does not protect every drug user who uses a dangerous substance and only pertains to life or death situations.