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How can you build a defense against assault charges?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Battery And Assault

If you face charges of assault, then it is essential to take them seriously and investigate your defense options. A conviction could have a huge detrimental effect on your life.

There are numerous potential defense options. Here are some to consider:

You acted in self-defense

Just because the other person was left injured and you do not have so much as a scratch on you does not mean you attacked them. You may merely have been more effective than them. If they attacked first, you can claim self-defense. However, you’ll need to show that your response was a proportionate and reasonable reaction to the perceived threat.

The police arrested the wrong person

Maybe the police turned up at an incident and arrested you because you were at the scene. Just because you were present does not mean you did anything wrong. You might have been there trying to intervene to stop or prevent an assault. Or perhaps you were never there at all, and the police only arrested you because someone else claimed you were there.

There are issues with the evidence

The police arrested you after finding traces of your DNA on the assault victim’s clothing.  Yet you have never set eyes on the person. DNA can travel. Perhaps you bumped into that person on the street earlier in the day without knowing, and some of your DNA passed onto their coat.

There are multiple ways to contest assault charges. Taking legal help will be crucial to understanding which could work in your case.