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Drug Delivery, Drug Distribution And Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

“Drug trafficking” is not what you probably think it is. You don’t have to be running a large amount of cocaine or methamphetamines to be charged with drug trafficking. All you have to do is have a certain amount of drugs in your possession and have the intention to cross state lines for delivery of those drugs.

Even before any potential conviction, the enhanced penalties can be overwhelming. Your car can be impounded and seized. If you grew pot in your basement, or cooked meth, law enforcement may seek take your home.

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Don’t Talk To The Police. Talk To The Experienced Drug Distribution Defense Lawyer At The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC.

If you believe you are under investigation for a drug crime, it is important to act fast to protect your rights. If you are facing a serious drug charge, the first few days after the arrest are crucial. First, don’t talk to the police; it can only hurt you, no matter how concerned they may seem. Second, hire an experienced drug trafficking defense attorney immediately. There is often a gap between arrest and the filing of charges. This is the best time for your attorney to start working on your behalf.

If you facing allegations for dealing controlled substances in any amount — cocaine, heroin, meth, even marijuana — call The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC. Get established and effective criminal defense attorney Jessica Koester working for you as early as possible. In every case she zealously fights to  minimize the harm done in serious criminal law and high-level felony drug crime cases in Illinois state or federal criminal court.

Drug Delivery, Drug Distribution Or Drug Trafficking

The weight, volume or amount of drugs may allow law enforcement and prosecutors to make distinctions in the charges involved. Similarly, individual facts — such as crossing state lines with a controlled substance — may factor in to what charges the government may seek to pursue. With many moving parts in any drug crime case, you need to work with an experienced drug crime defense attorney who knows every level of analyzing the case.

The Illinois Controlled Substances Act sets forth many distinctions that give power to the prosecutors to file drug crime charges. Generally, distribution charges may arise from a wide range of circumstances. So called “drug dealing” may arise simply from evidence involving the weight of drugs seized. Similarly, the sale, or delivery of drugs, does not necessarily require the exchange of money.

The law considers it a crime to “deliver” a controlled substance. Delivery involves the actual or attempted transfer of a controlled substance. This may include trading one drug for another, selling a controlled substance, or even simply giving a controlled substance to another person –without money or other trade. Drug trafficking generally involves transporting drugs across state lines –but there may be other facts that the government is relying on to bring these charges.

Serious felony drug charges involve highly complex legal analysis. Your criminal defense lawyer needs to have a strong command of the state and federal laws, constitutional principles and where to look for mistakes that law enforcement may make in a drug crime investigation. Edwardsville drug crime defense lawyer Jessica Koester is that attorney.

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