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Driving With A Suspended License

The loss of a driver’s license is life-changing. The simplest tasks can become challenging, if not impossible. Driving to and from work is no longer an option. Jobs that require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are no longer an option. Frustration over not being able to drive builds. Emergency situations may arise where operating a car is paramount.

Drunk driving and traffic violations often lead to license suspension. Operating a car while the license is suspended makes an already bad situation significantly worse. You could face misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on the severity of the crime that led to the suspension and the number of prior convictions for driving after suspension.

To speak to a lawyer about a criminal charge involving driving after suspension, contact us online or call 618-307-4192.

Overcoming The Obstacles That Involve Driving With A Suspended License

Challenges exist in defending our clients charged with driving after suspension. At The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, the founder of our firm spends time with Edwardsville and Illinois residents to identify the specific and unique issues surrounding their criminal charges. Getting to the facts allows Ms. Koester to provide sound advice and strong legal advocacy.

Creative Solutions And An Aggressive Pursuit Of A Positive Outcome

Attorney Jessica Koester will pursue all avenues toward minimizing the consequences you face, including negotiation with prosecutors or litigating at trial.

Simply stated, you could be fined thousands of dollars and sentenced to jail. Those penalties are in addition to the initial conviction that led to the suspension in the first place. Outside of the criminal consequences, the ability to hold a job, attend school or secure car insurance is at stake.

Pursuing The Best Outcome To Minimize Criminal Consequences

To schedule a free initial consultation regarding a driving after suspension charge, call 618-307-4192. You can also reach us through our secure online submission form. Evening and weekend appointments are available.