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Penalties for DUI

Anyone operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be charged with DUI in Illinois. The state’s law enforcement and its elected officials are cracking down on drunk driving and drug-related DUI with increasingly harsh penalties that could impact your life for many years. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Putting forth the strongest defense possible is the only way you can reduce or eliminate the potential penalties you could be facing.

Jessica Koester — An Experienced Madison County DUI Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, provides immediate help to anyone facing DUI or drunk driving charges. Attorney Koester has built a reputation for securing positive results that minimize the impact criminal charges can have on her clients both now and in the future. Discuss your case and protect your rights by contacting her Edwardsville law office online or by calling 618-307-4192.

Penalties For A DUI Conviction In Illinois

Even first-time offenders face serious consequences if they fail to fight back and are convicted of a DUI in Illinois. For example, potential penalties for a first-time offense could include:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Up to a $2,500 fine
  • Jail time
  • Mandatory alcohol or drug counseling courses
  • Community service

Penalties increase exponentially if you are facing your second, third or subsequent DUI charge. A conviction for multiple DUIs carries a mandatory jail sentence, up to 240 hours of community service, significant fines, an extended license suspension and more. In addition, contributing factors such as seriously high blood alcohol content (BAC) levels, whether children were in the car and whether any damage was caused in an accident can only add to the severity of your potential penalties.

Now is not the time to put your future at risk. Seek experienced legal help as soon as possible and get a Madison County defense lawyer on your side today. Attorney Jessica Koester is ready to meet with you and explain your rights and what you can expect during the legal process. She will work hard to ensure you secure the best possible outcome.

Free Consultations For First-Offense DUI And Repeat DUI Charges

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