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Are You Facing Wire Fraud Or Mail Fraud Charges?

Wire fraud and mail fraud fall into the category of white collar crimes. These offenses are prosecuted strongly in federal court, with convicted individuals often sentenced to significant time behind bars. Fraud cases tend to go to trial — and rely on large amounts of evidence — which makes the assistance of an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer critical for the accused.

  • Wire fraud generally involves fraudulent computerized transmissions. Money transfers are one of the most common methods for perpetrating wire fraud.
  • Mail fraud involves using the postal system for any fraudulent purpose — like sending out fake credit card documents, mailing a client a fraudulent bill or sending someone a bogus check. Many mail fraud charges arise from within the banking and health care industries.

Practical Advice And Thorough Representation In Federal Cases

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal white collar crime related to fraud, our firm can assist you. At The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, in Edwardsville, Illinois, we defend clients against federal fraud charges by being thorough, tenacious and extremely well-prepared. Attorney Jessica Koester has extensive experience with fact-specific federal cases involving:

  • Discovery of thousands of pages of documents
  • Clients who are characterized as con artists by the prosecution
  • Professionals facing federal prison sentences because of mistakes or false accusations
  • Multiple defendants and conspiracy charges

We understand the stress individuals and families face in the wake of federal criminal charges. Our firm can provide you with practical advice even if you or a family member is under investigation and has not yet been charged.

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