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Juvenile Felony Charges

Many people believe that the mistakes they make in adolescence won’t follow them into adulthood. That may be true with some mistakes, but it is not necessarily true with juvenile criminal charges — especially juvenile felony charges.

Typically, when juveniles break state or federal laws, they are considered a delinquent — not a criminal — and face punishments that are doled out in juvenile court. However, depending on the severity of the charges, a juvenile can be charged as an adult. In addition to facing steeper penalties, this also increases the likelihood that the charges will land on the teen’s criminal record.

Trusted Legal Counsel For Juvenile Felony Charges

If your child is facing criminal charges, you need an experienced lawyer who will provide the aggressive and compassionate representation your family needs. The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, has a reputation for fighting to make sure cases are handled properly in the juvenile court system, which makes it possible for the charges to be potentially expunged later in life.

We believe in rehabilitating our juvenile clients, not taking punitive action against them.

Attorney Jessica Koester defends minors in Edwardsville and throughout Illinois who are facing felony charges for any crime, including:

Scared That Your Juvenile Will Be Charged As An Adult? We Can Help. Call Now.

If your child is facing felony charges, it’s important to act quickly. We always return phone calls the same day, even if you call outside of normal business hours. Protect the rights and future of your minor by scheduling a free initial consultation today. We are available online or by calling us at 618-307-4192.