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Illinois officer faces possible felony conviction after incident

An Illinois police officer is facing legal trouble after a domestic incident involving a female roommate. Police have since leveled five charges against him, including aggravated and domestic battery. He was incarcerated with a bail of $75,000. Any felony conviction could result in jail time or other penalties, but this officer could be in jeopardy of losing his job as well.

Illinois felony charge: Lottery winner's death ruled a homicide

An Illinois lottery winner's death has been ruled a homicide, and authorities are now investigating the man's suspicious death. Initially, his death was thought to be by natural causes. However, a relative contacted authorities and asked them to look further into the case. When they did, authorities say they discovered the man died of cyanide poisoning. Now the case has taken a different turn, and it is entirely possible someone could be facing a felony charge.

Illinois man faces felony conviction over workers' comp claim

A former Illinois police officer is facing the prospect of a felony conviction after being indicted for multiple charges. The 53-year-old man is accused of filing for a workers' compensation claim, but did not injure himself on the job. He is facing a felony conviction on several charges involving this claim and the money he allegedly received after the injury occurred.

Woman faces felony charge after Illinois domestic incident

A woman faces a felony charge after allegedly running her boyfriend over. The accident reportedly occurred after she picked him up from an Illinois bar. She has since been charged with aggravated domestic battery in the incident. The boyfriend, however, initially told a drastically different story about what happened. The felony charge was leveled against her amid speculation the man changed his story concerning the incident that night.

Illinois man faces felony charge after child injured

An Illinois man is facing a felony charge after being accused of hurting a child. The charges came after a hospital contacted authorities when a mother brought her child in after taking the baby to their family doctor. He is now facing a felony charge of aggravated battery to a child. Crimes against children can result in harsh penalties, so it would likely be in his best interests to begin researching his legal options.

Felony charge: Illinois father accused of murdering son

An Illinois father is at the center of a tragic case revolving around the death of his son. The son was stabbed to death in 2009, and his father is facing a murder accusation. However, in defending against the felony charge, the father asserts that his son actually committed suicide.

Illinois state rep faces possible felony charge

An Illinois state representative is in hot water after being accused of lying to a bank to receive a half million dollar extension on a line of credit. The rep is now facing at least one felony charge in the matter. He has pleaded not guilty to the accusations and is now awaiting trial. Prosecutors have stated the charges against him are not linked to his role as a state representative.

Illinois father facing felony charge after volleyball game

An Illinois man is facing legal trouble after a volleyball match got out of hand. The man was at a sporting event for his daughter when his daughter was taken out of the game and replaced with her sister. What happened next resulted in the man facing a felony charge.

Illinois man faces felony charge after altercation with officer

Criminal charges can be challenging for any person to endure. An Illinois man is finding this out for himself after facing a felony charge due to an altercation with a local police officer. Although the officer did not sustain any serious injury, he was allegedly bitten by the accused. That man is now facing a felony charge of aggravated battery.

Man faces felony conviction in Illinois counterfeiting incident

A man is facing sentencing for a felony conviction in Illinois after being accused of using counterfeit money. The indictment against him shows that he has pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit currency, obstruction of justice and resisting or impeding the United States Secret Service. The felony conviction sentencing will occur in a few months.

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