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Robbery And Burglary

The life-changing consequences of a conviction for a theft crime require immediate legal representation to protect your rights. Incarceration in jail or prison and significant fines are only the beginning. A permanent criminal record that shows a robbery or burglary conviction can hamper job applications and educational pursuits.

Robbery Defense Lawyer

Jessica Koester established The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, to provide skilled and tenacious advocacy for her clients facing high-stakes legal problems. She spends the time necessary to understand the specific issues surrounding a criminal charge and tailors strategies to find resolution. Whether she works with prosecutors or litigates in the courtroom, she pursues the best possible outcome in all theft-related cases.

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An Experienced Madison County Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Robbery is a “person-to-person” crime that involves the taking of property using force or the threat of force. Use of a weapon or the presence of certain other factors could lead to felony charges for robbery. Burglary is charged when breaking and entering into a residence or business without the owner’s permission and with the intention to commit a crime.

A burglary offense may be charged as a home invasion if the accused entered a home or residence with reason to believe that someone was present. The alleged intruder must also have been armed upon entry or threatened the use of force against a person in the dwelling. These are serious burglary charges and it is critical to seek the representation of a skilled Illinois criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Dedicated And Diligent Representation When You Need It Most

To schedule a free initial consultation regarding a burglary or armed robbery charge, fill out our secure online submission form to get legal advice. Please know that all phone calls are returned the same day, including those placed outside of regular business hours. The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, is conveniently located within walking distance of the Edwardsville, Illinois, courthouse. Evening and weekend appointments are available.