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A Law Practice Devoted 100% To Criminal Defense Strong Defense In State And Federal Cases Responsive Service And Real Support

Marijuana Drug Charges

A felony or misdemeanor drug crime requires immediate representation from a skilled and seasoned attorney. With enforcement of drug crimes on the rise, Illinois residents charged with marijuana possession need to even the odds they face. Aggressive pursuits of criminal activity can lead to shortcuts taken in the investigation of a drug-related crime.

If you have been arrested for marijuana, you may face felony charges if a search and seizure uncovered 30 grams or more. Serious consequences require equally serious representation. Attorney Jessica Koester knows the stakes involved and conducts thorough investigations, including search and seizure procedures, to get to the facts.

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Protecting The Future Of Young Adults In Madison County

Juveniles arrested for possession of marijuana face consequences beyond significant fines and jail sentences. A criminal record could result in ineligibility to serve in the military or disqualification from student loans, grants and any other financial aid from the government. Even applying for jobs becomes a hurdle difficult to overcome.

Pursuing the best outcome for you requires personalized representation tailored to the unique aspects of your drug-related criminal charges. Depending on the specifics of your case, drug evaluations and other options can keep you out of jail and the crime off of your permanent record.

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