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Strong Representation For Your Criminal Defense Matter

With all criminal charges, whether a high-level felony or misdemeanor, the stakes are high. A conviction can have lifelong consequences beyond the immediate threat of jail time and heavy fines. A conviction may affect your ability to get a job, go to college or stay in school. If you have been charged, it is in your best interests to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney who will fight for you. Moreover, you do not have to wait for formal charges to benefit from hiring a criminal defense lawyer. It s prudent to reach out if you believe you may be under investigation.

Experienced Criminal Defense In State And Federal Court

The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, represents clients in a variety of criminal law cases in both state and federal court. As a dedicated criminal defense law firm, it has seen every type of case, from disorderly conduct and drug charges to homicide. Ms. Koester has experience in providing a strong defense in misdemeanor to serious felony offenses. Throughout the process, the criminal defense law firm will provide personalized attention and fight tenaciously to protect your rights.

To arrange a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer, call 618-307-4192 now or send a message online. Available 24/7.

A Criminal Defense Trial Attorney Who Helps Clients Understand — And Protect — Their Rights

Law firm founder Jessica Koester is an established, experience Edwardsville criminal lawyer who can help with a variety of criminal law issues in both state and federal court. If you have been charged, she can explain your rights, advocate for you with law enforcement and advise you on how to proceed. Moreover you do not have to wait for formal charges or an indictment to seek the representation of an established criminal defense attorney. It is prudent to speak with a lawyer If you believe you are under investigation.

When you work with The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, Ms. Koester will analyze the details of your case, advise you to protect your rights. When formal charges exist, she will work diligently to prepare your case for court and fight to ensure proper procedures are followed. Whenever possible, she will work toward an outcome that will have the least possible consequences, which may include a case dismissal or reduction of charges.

Notably, criminal defense attorney Jessica Koester has substantial experience in complex, high-stakes, high-level felony charges. This experience is important, no matter the charge, or the level of offense. Ms. Koester excels in everything from DUI defense to sex offense allegations, and from home invasion charges to theft. Experienced trial skills, legal analysis and presentation in any criminal law case are critical when you decide to consult with a criminal defense lawyer.

Despite Popular Culture Ideas On Drugs, A Drug Charge Is Serious

Law enforcement agencies at both the state and federal levels aggressively pursue drug crime investigations in the East St. Louis area. Prosecutors similarly may be relentless at every stage of a case filed in state or federal criminal court. It is important seek the representation of a criminal law attorney who has experience with every nuance of criminal law, including the statutes, criminal procedures, rules of evidence and potential sentencing issues.

It is not enough to hope that the system will treat you fairly. An experienced drug crime defense litigator knows how to evaluate the strength of the government‘s theory of what may have happened. You need a lawyer who knows how to assess the case, challenge the evidence and fight to protect your rights.

Drug charges are serious allegations; however, every detail needs to be analyzed for flaws. Our criminal justice system places burdens on the government when they pursue any charges that may result in taking away someone‘s freedom. Your lawyer should have the skills to recognize violations of your rights, flaws in procedures, as well as how to prepare for trial. Moreover, an experienced trial attorney is beneficial at every stage of the case. Ms. Koester is that lawyer. She does not sit idly hoping for a good deal. She does the hard work to safeguard the rights defending against drug crime allegations in state or federal court, or both–when necessary.

Serious Felonies In Juvenile Court

Law firm founder Jessica Koester is a knowledgeable Edwardsville juvenile crimes defense attorney. She provides aggressive defense representation in juvenile court.

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