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An Aggressive Criminal Defense Trial Attorney To Fight Against Federal Criminal Charges

Being under investigation  or facing formal charges for a federal crime is extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. Consequences of a conviction are more severe. Those convicted must serve a minimum of 85 percent of their prison sentence. Federal allegations require help from a formidable federal criminal defense trial attorney at every step, ideally beginning before an indictment or formal charges arise. The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, represents clients for a variety of federal crimes, including drug distribution, felon in possession of a firearm and child pornography cases.

Ms. Koester has more than 20 years of experience in criminal law. She provides exceptional representation in defending against federal drug charges, defending against serious sex crimes, and she is well-known for her aggressive courtroom advocacy for all types of serious felony charges.

Attorney Jessica Koester understands the protocol for federal criminal cases. She fights to protect rights. Her defense strategies involve a set-by-step process to cover every detail. She also provides aggressive defense representation to those facing serious federal charges for white collar crimes, such as health care fraud, internet fraud, wire and mail fraud, and more.

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Federal Drug Charges Require A Criminal Defense Trial Lawyer With Experience

Federal drug laws govern the possession, distribution, sale, trafficking, cultivation and manufacturing of several controlled substances. When federal agents open an investigation or when a drug case is filed in Federal Criminal Court, the stakes are high in these serious, high-level felonies. Federal charges may include a wide-range of controlled substances. A non-exhausting list of drugs includes:

There are mandatory sentences for many federal drug crimes, as well as a period of mandatory supervised release following any time spent in prison. It is crucial to have knowledgeable and experienced representation at every level of the federal case. Federal courts have eliminated parole and operate under federal sentencing guidelines that can be exceptionally strict. Federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have substantial resources at their disposal. Similarly, the Federal Sentencing guidelines are complex.

Whether you are under investigation for a drug crime at the state or federal level, or if you have been indicted, It is vital for you to choose a smart and aggressive federal criminal defense attorney to safeguard your rights. Your lawyer needs to have expansive knowledge of the constitutional issues that apply in drug crime cases, as well as federal rules, drug crime statutes and the sentencing guidelines. Federal drug crimes defense lawyer Jessica Koester is that attorney.

Each aspect of the law and fact in an individual criminal case must be reviewed thoroughly to prepare for a strong criminal defense. Jessica Koester, founder of this firm, is an experienced Edwardsville federal crime attorney. As most federal crimes end up in court, Ms. Koester will work diligently to build a strong defense and fight to defend your rights during litigation.

Strong Representation For Your Federal Criminal Defense

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