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Defense Against Theft And Related Criminal Charges

Theft has a broad definition for a range of crimes. It can involve taking the property of another person, business or organization. While the most common type of theft is retail theft (or shoplifting, as it is commonly called), individuals can also face criminal charges for robbery and burglary, embezzlement, fraud, forgery and identity theft. While the specific charges may differ, one thing remains the same: If you face criminal theft charges, your future is at risk.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

At The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, we provide aggressive criminal defense for clients accused of theft-related crimes. Many of our clients are first-time offenders. Some have been in trouble with the law before. All of them are nervous and concerned about the impact of a conviction.

We rely on an arsenal of legal tactics to secure the best possible outcome for each client we serve, whether he or she is charged with shoplifting, robbery or burglary. We insist that the state meets its burden of proof, and if it cannot, we fight for dropped charges. However, when a full dismissal is not realistic, attorney Koester is skilled at working with prosecutors for a fair and favorable plea. And when the case calls for it, we are fully prepared to defend your rights in trial in order to obtain the best outcome.

The monetary value of the property a person steals will dictate whether the charge will be a misdemeanor or a felony. Recent changes in the law state that a theft of $500 or more from an individual or $300 or more from a retail store will result in a felony charge.

Shoplifting And Retail Theft In Illinois

Retail theft encompasses many types of illegal actions, such as knowingly writing bad checks, tag swapping, employee theft and walking out of a store without paying for merchandise. While shoplifting at any location can bring about serious consequences, some retail stores in our state have extremely aggressive criminal and civil recovery tactics. These establishments regularly push for the maximum in charges and punishments. They may also be inclined to bring a civil action.

For these reasons, you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer in your corner, regardless of the level of your shoplifting charges. With the right legal representation, you can minimize the consequences of your charge and best protect your future.

Protect Your Future. Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney Today.

Immediately after your arrest, contact Edwardsville theft defense attorney Jessica Koester. Call us now at 618-307-4192, to schedule your free consultation. You can also schedule your appointment by email. Do not speak to the police or try to explain yourself. The sooner you get us involved, the better chance we have for a successful outcome.