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An Experienced Lawyer To Fight Methamphetamine Drug Charges

Manufacturing, distributing and possessing methamphetamine has significant risks beyond criminal penalties. Beyond the dangers of using meth, production of the illegal drug presents significant risks of serious injury or death.

Drug crimes involving methamphetamine can take many forms and include:

  • Possession of meth or a precursor drug or chemical (anhydrous ammonia and pseudoephedrine pills)
  • Participation in meth manufacturing
  • Manufacture and delivery of meth
  • Possession and distribution of meth

To speak to a lawyer about your methamphetamine possession, manufacturing or distribution charge, contact us online or call The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, at 618-307-4192.

Minimize Or Eliminate Your Potential Criminal Penalties For Methamphetamine

From probation to multiyear prison sentences, felony meth charges are serious and require the help of a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer. If children live in a home where meth is manufactured, sentences are enhanced.

Attorney Jessica Koester gets to the facts of your case by conducting thorough investigations. She identifies weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, specifically those involving search and seizure procedures performed by overly aggressive state and federal agencies.

Attending to every detail and aggressively pursuing the facts can keep you out of prison and focused on the possible root of your criminal problems. Drug and alcohol evaluations can minimize the consequences. Treatment for the addiction protects both health and a future, hopefully without criminal activity.

If a trial is the only option toward resolution, the founder of our law firm possesses skills and success in litigation, and she fights for your rights in court.

Schedule A Free Defense Consultation Today With An Attorney With Substantial Experience Defending Against Meth Charges In Illinois

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