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Defense Against Serious And Complex Murder Charges

If you are under investigation for murder or you have been formally charged, life can become frightening and complicated very quickly. From now on, each action you take and each decision you make could impact the rest of your life. It is imperative that you have the right legal counsel advising you and protecting your best interests.

Yes, murder is a serious charge and the prosecution wants a conviction. But never forget that you also have legal rights, and The Law Office of Jessica Koester, LLC, is here to protect them.

Serious Representation For High-Stakes Cases

Due to the highly specific nature of each alleged murder, there are many defenses that we can explore in your case. Sometimes an act of violence was provoked, or the defendant was acting only in self-defense. In other cases, the death was the result of a terrible accident, not a premeditated action.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, attorney Koester will fight aggressively to protect your freedom. In every case we handle, we insist that the prosecution meets its burden of proof. Nowhere is this more important than in a murder case. If the state’s attorney cannot place you at the crime scene, if there is no physical evidence or if there is any reasonable doubt, we will fight for full dismissal. When dropped charges are not realistic, attorney Koester is also the defender you want and need on your side.

Experienced Help For Those Facing Homicide Charges

Jessica Koester has an in-depth understanding of criminal laws, penalties and sentencing. She uses this knowledge to leverage favorable pleas with prosecutors, including reduced charges or lessened penalties.

However, due to the serious nature of murder cases, it is often necessary to have a trial. That is why it is so important to hire a skilled and confident trial lawyer on day one. Even if there is a strong chance for dismissal or a favorable plea bargain, you cannot risk hiring a lawyer who does not have superior trial skills. Not only is Ms. Koester skilled in intensive investigation and evidence collection, but she also has a commanding presence in the courtroom. Presenting to a judge or jury in a murder case relies on facts and strategic arguments, and also on your attorney’s presentation and portrayal of you. With a strong understanding of holistic case preparation, Ms. Koester is positioned to succeed in trial where other attorneys may stumble.

When The Rest Of Your Future Is At Risk, Contact Our Law Firm

While there are no guarantees in the criminal justice system, your choice of attorney does matter. Whether you have been formally charged with murder or the police have named you as a person of interest, contact our law firm at once. You may also contact us by calling 618-307-4192 . Our Edwardsville murder defense attorney will take calculated and immediate action to protect you.